I’m in! Back to school!

On April 15 I received the letter of acceptance in the HAAGA-HELIA School of Vocational Teacher Education (HAAGA-HELIA SVTE) home.

Actually my fiancé was home that day and he told me that an envelope from HAAGA-HELIA SVTE had arrived. I asked him to open it and let me know! “You are in! All you do is win!” was his text message that made me happy and excited!


In the envelope, there was a detailed schedule will all the contact hours for every study programme. The School of Vocational Teacher Education offers numerous possibilities for successful applicants. You can study in Finnish or English, for 1 or 1,5 years, you can study in Helsinki or Turku, on the weekends or online. I got accepted in the 1,5 year programme taught in English (fifth column in blue, see below).


Our first contact hours were scheduled for May 23 and 24 from 9-16 on HAAGA-HELIA’s Pasila Campus, at the headquarters of one of Finland’s leading Universities of Applied Sciences and one of its six campuses.

Here is our programme for the first two days:


On the first day, academic counselors Irmeli Pietilä and David Mauffret helped us get to know each other better and took as through the practicalities of our pedagogical studies. We are 22 teacher-students from a variety of countries. By next time we meet on September 16, we all need to complete three assignments. I will be posting mine on my blog.

Davil and Irmeli (from left to right)

On the second day, May 24, Lecturer Pekka Ihanainen and education manager Mika Saranpää asked us to create mind maps of the necessary skills and competences teachers should have based on the curriculum. Below are all our ideas for what constitutes the ‘Conceptual and theoretical basis’ of our studies.


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